Silja's Sleep Diary: eight weeks old

Written by Taru, Silja's mom

At eight weeks old, Silja's baby sleep patterns are clearly changing and night-and-day difference is setting in.
Silja also has her first night out ...

I can't believe Silja is eight weeks old this week, and will be the full two months next week. She has grown so much in every way but still I'm  struggling to believe that she's really here.

It may be that as I'm feeling quite back to 'normal' - except when I try on my old, pre-pregnancy clothes - it's becoming harder to remember that I really have a tiny baby. 

At the same time, it's incredible to see how much she's developed.

She's smiling and 'talking' to us, making funny whistling and almost gurgling noises, and can control her hands quite well. She is also developing a bit of a thumb-sucking habit.

While all that is absolutely delightful, I can't help feeling a bit wistful at this first sign of growing up. Before I notice she'll be bringing home boyfriends!

Changing baby sleep patterns

The way she sleeps hasn't changed dramatically, but gradually she's clearly finding it easier to stay awake for longer, and to have fewer, deeper sleeps. Two months old baby sleeping

She doesn't fuss in the afternoons anymore and doesn't get as overtired towards the evening, so she has become easier to settle to sleep at night.

The nights are a bit unpredictable - the night before last she fell asleep at around 10pm, then woke for a feed at 2am, again at 4am and then woke up 'properly' at 7.30am.

Last night she fell asleep at 9pm but was up again at 11pm, then at 4am and at 6am. So not much of a pattern really, but at least she's got a bit of a hang of the difference between night and day.

On the other hand, we've done a few practical experiments with all sorts of stimulation this week, and I'm not surprised it may have affected her a bit - although it's difficult to say in what way.

The big siblings had their school play this week, and that was the first time we were away from home with Silja late in the afternoon. She slept once we got there, and fed through most of the play, but was clearly quite animated by all the people and loud noises around her.

It was a very late night and she only fell asleep at 11.30pm, and then only very lightly. I'm not quite sure of the times as I was too tired to check the clock, but I think she was up at least twice in the early hours.

The day after that I didn't hope for much improvement as she was due to have her 8-week shots, so I went and treated by comatose brain to a nice gingerbread latte.

That tasted and felt fantastic and I got more done on that day than I have in weeks, and she didn't react to it at all (in the past, I think she's had nasty reactions to me drinking coffee, see Silja's diary entry at 3 weeks) - maybe she's now old enough to stomach a bit of Starbuck's? Or else I guess had it early enough in the morning ...

Even with the vaccination, she settled in nicely at 9pm and slept until 4am, then on until 6.30am. She developed a massive, sore-looking bump on her thigh from the vaccine, and if I had something like that, it would certainly keep me up at night - even if I were eight weeks old.

However, she's been perfectly happy and cheerful all week. I just hope she stays that way, as next week we'll be traveling with her for the first time.

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