Silja's Sleep Diary: eighteen to nineteen weeks old

Written by Taru, Silja's mom

At nineteen weeks old Silja takes regular naps and often sleeps through the night. Efficient breastfeeding helps avoid growth spurt sleeping problems ...

Silja is nineteen weeks old today, I'm kind of losing track of her age in weeks. Next stage will be five months ...

It's been more of a regular routine for the past couple of weeks, and happy playtimes with the older siblings. Strangely enough, I'm missing the earlier, more flexible times a bit. 

Now I know that she will definitely sleep if I need to go somewhere with her in the pram between 9 and 10am in the morning, but the Parent and Pram class - when she's actually expected to stay in the pram - at 10.30 can be difficult and noisy, and not really worth the effort...

She's really enjoyed swimming so I've bought a book on the subject and take her to the pool once a week or so. It's probably hard work for her, however, as she always sleeps very soundly afterwards.
Apart from the swim day, afternoon naps have been quite brief, and unless she's sleeping in the pram she doesn't always manage even a full hour.

I think that may explain why she's been sleeping through the night, from 9pm to 6.30am (!) twice this week already. I was expecting - or actually wasn't expecting much anything (no brain, no headache!), but was given some gentle guidance from someone special - that she might start to wake up more at this point. Apparently babies may have a growth spurt around 4 months and wake up more often to feed. Will be interesting to see if this will happen.

Avoiding growth spurt sleeping problems

I think, however, that I felt the growth spurts more with my older kids, especially my first, in terms of them being hungrier and waking up more often.

Cute nineteen weeks old baby This is weird but I honestly think my breasts are getting more effective by each baby. I used to leak a good half-bottle of milk from the other breast while I was feeding my oldest, especially in the mornings.

The upside was that if I managed to store it I had the freezer full of milk in case I needed to leave my baby with my husband or a babysitter for a few hours.

Now there's hardly any leakage - and I struggle to get anything out even with a pump. I assume more milk actually goes into the baby, rather than into nursing pads or all over my sheets, resulting in a happier baby overall.

Sometimes I worry that someone with their first baby may read this and think that things should be going as smoothly for them. Of course, things might go even better - and good for them if that's the case - but it doesn't seem probable to me. It's not fair at all but it seems to me that the odds really are stacked against you with your first baby.

Still, those times are always precious and special. And even with my third, at nineteen weeks old, I'm typing this with my left hand as she's feeding. Enough already.
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