Silja's Sleep Diary: fifteen to seventeen weeks old

Written by Taru, Silja's mom

Seventeen weeks old now and Silja is developing her motor and social skills rapidly. The faithfully installed bedtime routine starts paying off ...

Seventeen weeks old now, these past weeks have gone so quickly, Silja is becoming a real - and very funny - person and although her sleep has not changed much, she's developed immensely in other ways.

She is grabbing things, laughing and shrieking happily when we play with her.

Therefore, it's a bit of a struggle to do anything else than play - it's so rewarding to see her smile...

She's also become quite a bit more dependent on her daily routines, which makes things very easy as long as everything goes as normal.

I think the investment we made earlier on to keep night time rituals, say her bedtime routine, pretty much the same, even when she took hours to actually fall asleep, are now paying off.

She's now clearly tired - cranky and rubbing her eyes - by 8pm and falls asleep peacefully after a good feed. The only problem with the evenings is that she sometimes flails her arms about so much once she's already fallen asleep that she wakes herself up - and then she's definitely not happy, and takes a while to settle. Four months old baby

To be perfectly honest, I'm tempted to stuff her arms inside her sleeping bag, but that would probably not be safe - so I'll just try to hold her arms gently if I see her doing this, and if I'm too late, then just feed her a bit more to settle her.

Silja is now normally up around 2am for a quick feed, and then again around 6am, and might sleep until around 8am if there's not too much going on - that's almost 12 hours of sleep per night

The past couple of days have been really quiet: the big kids are on holiday with their dad. Silja's naps have not been as long as usual since there's no school run to remind her of the nap times, and even when I take her out in the pram at the usual time she doesn't seem to sleep as long.

Maybe that compensates for the longer sleep at night. I'm really enjoying the quiet time just by the two of us, but also suspect Silja is getting a bit bored in the afternoons - however much I try to play with her. It will be good to have the big kids back home soon.
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