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Do you have a baby - newborn, baby-baby or toddler, or older child? Then you have a sleep story to tell! The Sleepy Baby Story Collection is where you can share your baby's sleep adventures.

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Writing your baby's sleep story is fun and interesting to do - and it's a great way to help other parents.

Describing how your baby sleeps (or doesn't sleep) will help you reflect and put things in perspective. It's worth a try, you'd be amazed how enjoyable it is and by what you may find.

Your story will be online here, for you to share with family, friends and other parents (and me) who may comment and help you.

And of course, by sharing your story you help other parents.

Knowing that you they're not alone, struggling with sleep deprivation, a wide-awake baby at 3 am, mini-naps, ... is the best support parents can have.

And you surely have great tips too: what helps your baby sleep and what doesn't? Even if you feel you're only struggling and think you have no valuable tips: believe me, your experience is valuable, more than you might think.

The Sleepy Baby Story Collection features inspiring stories full of great baby sleep tips and is here for you. Click here to find the existing entries below.

You will find success stories of born sleepyheads and tales of more challenging sleep problems

Or, read my personal story first.

So welcome to browse, read and be inspired … and add your sleep story to the collection if you like.

Share Your Sleepy Baby Story

Your baby's sleep adventures are worth a diamond!

Sharing your baby story helps you put things in persepective ànd will inspire and support many parents.

Thanks for sharing!

The Sleepy Baby Story Collection

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Relaxed co-sleeping: Helena (2 y) 
Helena is a happy co-sleeper and we are happy to have her in the family bed: we all sleep very well. We take a relaxed approach and accept Helena's needs, …

Smooth transition from family bed to crib - Lisanne and Amber (4y) Arnoud (1y) 
Our twin daughters have always easily self soothed to sleep. Arnoud, the youngest shared our family bed for almost a year and then transitioned to his …

Regular bedtimes and relaxed co-sleeping: Robin (11 months) 
Robin is an affectionate boy, wonderfully playful, and veeeery mommy-crazy (including breasts ;-)). Relaxed co-sleeping and regular bedtimes work quite …

Gentle sleep guidance: Melle (9 months) 
Melle is a quiet child, he can concentrate well and quietly play with one toy for half an hour. He is mostly happy and very communicative. His verbal skills …

No-fuss sleep success: Sascha (5 months) 
Sascha is a relaxed and really cheerful 5 month old baby. She sleeps quite well and we make no fuss about sleep at all ourselves. She seems to be doing …

The benefits of a baby sleep schedule: Rob (5 months) 
Rob is now five months old and sleeps very well and easily for his age. A regular sleep schedule and a successful bedtime routine, combined with a relaxed …

The power of relaxing and accepting baby's sleep needs: Shane (2,5 years) and Amélie (3 months) 
Accepting that baby's sleep cannot be forced and remaining calm about it proves to be a very powerful way for Shane and Amélie's mom to guide them towards …

Co-sleeping while awaiting more independent sleep: Anna-Raven (2,5 years) en Mirthe (7 months) 
Anna-Raven and Mirthe’s mom patiently guides the girls towards more sleep by helping them settle and having them sleep close to her. She also has a great …

Succesful loving and determined baby sleep approach: Emma (4 months - 4 years) and Sara (2 y) 
With a simple loving but determined approach, Emma is growing up a really good sleeper, with her baby sister Sara following in her footsteps. Here's the …

On to longer nights: Jamie (2) and Alicia (7 m) 
As I write this, my son Jamie is 2 years old and my daughter Alicia is a 7 month old baby. We are on the lookout for them to soothe themselves at night …

Co-sleeping for confident sleepers: Kees (5y), Rik (4y), Isa (2y)  
My name is Riekie and my kids are Kees (5,5 y), Rik (nearly 4 y) and Isa (nearly 2). They have become confident sleepers through co-sleeping and our accepting …

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