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Real-life baby product reviews by real parents are THE most valuable way to show us parents, new and experienced, which baby products help baby and toddler sleep well.

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Which baby products do YOU love?

Which props actually help your baby sleep well, make her sleep safely or give YOU a good night's sleep?

A sling to soothe her to sleep? 
Cloth diapers to keep her dry at night? 
Was a cosleeper your answer to safe cosleeping? 
Has one cuddly toy been a true life saver? 
Can you recommend a sleep apnea pillow?
What was crucial to make your baby nursery safe? 
Did that cute little night lamp do the trick to cure her baby separation anxiety?
Did a cool baby bedding set convince your toddler to sleep alone?

To be a valid entry to the contest giveaway, your review will be ...
  • ... about a baby product that is somehow related to sleep for a baby, toddler or young child, or ... a parent. This can be broad and includes (but is not limited to): what helps baby sleep well, improves nursery and crib safety, creates a pleasant (cute) sleep environment, .... Reviews of online baby stores where you bought baby stuff are also welcome.
  • ... a true and honest real-life experience. Sponsored or biased reviews will not stand a chance.
  • ... describing the product as precisely as possible (brand, type, model), what you used it for, how it relates to your child's sleep, ...
  • ... at least 500 words long. 
  • ... NOT necessarily positive. If you have had a poor experience with something, that is just as valuable for other parents to know!
  • ... accompanied by your e-mail address. Your e-mail will not be published along with the review and I will only use it to send you your prize, nothing else.
A few winning examples:

  * Soetmin's Time Tracker Lighthouse review

  * Mia and Karine's: Ergo reviews

  * Reine's toddler alarm clock review: Kid'Sleep Toddler Alarm Clock

  * Beth about her favorite baby carrier: Moby Wrap Heaven

Enter as many valid entries as you like
, your chance to win will only double, or triple, ...

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